External Data Storage: Tsunami e-DATA 3500 NAS BT

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eSATA-3500-NAS-+-BT-boxThe Tsunami e-DATA 3500 NAS BT as the name suggests is a network attached storage (NAS) device, however it has a couple of aces up its' sleeve.

The enclosure comes packaged alongside all of the required cabling for attachment to a network, to a PC, screws for hard drive installation and even an allen key for easy access to the enclosure.

When you look at the rear of the drive enclosure it is obvious that though has been put into the design and functions of the enclosure.  In addition to being able to connect the enclosure to the network (via the included RJ45 cable) and to the PC (through standard USB), the enclosure also acts as a print server.  This means that other USB peripherals such as printers or USB memory keys and drives can be networked through the enclosure and independant of any PC connection.

eSATA-3500-NAS-+-BTInstallation of the SATA I or II drive is very easy following the instructions included and as mentioned earlier all screws and tools are included, the only tool you will need is a screwdriver!

The finish to the enclosure is good with a mainly cast aluminium structure, which gives the enclosure a sophisticated and solid feel and also aids with cooling as aluminium conducts heat away from the hard drive.  The cooling is further enhanced by the 80 mm fan built into the lid of the enclosure.

When the hard drive is installed into the Tsunami e-DATA 3500 NAS BT unit, the drive can be connected to a PC for setup (which is again documented, albeit in a bit of a confusing way, in the manual and additionally a easier to follow guide is available online at the Tsunam Support Site).  Once connected, the status of the enclosure and its' various interfaces are advertised by an array of status LEDs on the front panel and rear ports, so that connection errors can be noticed by the user.

eSATA-3500-NAS-+-BT-box-encThe enclosure comes bundled with a CD containing all of the required software (NetTool) for setup, and the drive is assigned an IP by the router DHCP server (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) or a static IP address can be assigned if no DHCP server is available.  After that it is simply a case of mapping the drive for each computer on the network.

The model is also available with a BitTorrent client function built into the interface.  Torrents can be uploaded to the interface and download and upload parameters set and then the files can be downloaded independant of a PC, a very useful function if you use a lot of torrents. The interface can be flashed as well to allow for future revisions to the enclosure firmware.

We think that the Tsunami e-DATA 3500 NAS BT enclosure is a very well designed NAS hard drive enclosure, incorporating a host of features that you would expect from more expensive enclosures.  For those who want to share data amongst a number of computers on a network or worldwide using torrents this is the ideal hard drive enclosure.

If you want to buy the Tsunami e-DATA 3500 NAS BT enclosure it is available at SVP Communications.