External Data Storage: Dane-Elec Mini-Mate 2GB

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Dane Elec Mini-mate packagingAs memory gets cheaper as time goes by, the emphasis of the size of memory keys become less important and the implementation of the memory becomes more important. With the Mini-Mate 2GB, Dane-Elec have tried to improve on the general casings of memory keys available on the market and produced a memory key that is not only the smallest, but also offers the most protection that we have seen for a memory key.

The Dane-Elec Mini-Mate measures only 1cm thick and 4cm long, and is encased in rubber to protect not only against impact, but against moisture.  So this makes the memory key really something you can take practically anywhere (although diving maybe a bit of a risk!).  The real benefit with the MiniMate design is that the key ring attachment is part of the main body of the drive, rather than the lid (like some other USB memory keys) and this means that even if the lid is lost, the drive still remains on your person.

Dane-ElecMini-mate sizeThe 2 GB storage is really enough for most people's purposes and provides enough space for ~800 photos (5 Mpix), ~500 audio tracks (MP3), and 3hrs of video (MPEG4).  The data transfer is fast with a USB 2.0 interface.

Dane-Elec also provide a industry leading 5 year guarantee, so if you need a new inexpensive memory key that you can carry everywhere we can't find any faults with this one!

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