Tablet Stand: CM Choiix Wave stand review

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CM Choiix Wave stand 2Introduction:

Although tablets tend to be lighter and easier to hold than the average laptop or notebook, they are still heavy enough to make holding them for extended periods of time a chore rather than a pleasure.  Obviously this can all be avoided if you invest in a tablet stand (or a case that acts as one) so that you don't have to continuously hold the device.  Cooler Master's latest addition to their Choiix range is the Choiix Wave, a dedicated, adjustable universal stand designed to fit the majority of tablets available on the market to date, including the ever so popular iPads.


Model Number - C-IP0S-ALWV-SK

Operation Degree - 0 - 135 degrees

Compatibility - Flyer, even Transformer, and most tablet PCs

Available Color - Silver

Material - Aluminium and Rubber

Dimension (L X W X H) - 148 X 100 X32 (mm), 5.82 X 3.93 X 1.26 (inch)

Weight - 336g / 11.85 Oz

CM Choiix Wave standReview:

As with the Choiix products we have reviewed previously, the Choix Wave is nicely designed (it looks cool too!) and sturdily built. Solidly constructed from thick aluminium with rubber tips (to prevent any scratching to tablets installed on it), the unit comes in a folded form with two outer arms that act as legs, the main hinged region acting as a back leg providing a very firm base to rest the tablet on.  The middle arm of the stand can be folded upwards (it is fully positionable over a 135 degree arc) to obtain the desired viewing angle for an installed tablet either in portrait or landscape orientation.  This arm is very well covered with a ridged piece of rubber that prevents any slippage or scratching from occuring to the device and the mechanism is stiff to ensure that no movement occurs whilst you are viewing.




4/5 - As a dedicated tablet stand, the Choix Wave does the job impeccably, providing a firm base and an excellent range of viewing angles.