Notebook Power Adaptors: Antec NP100

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Antec NP100_boxIf you spend time on your laptop at both the office and at home, it becomes quite inconvenient carting the power cable between sites and often makes sense to purchase a separate charging cable for home use.  Purchasing a replacement charger from the manufacturer is often relatively expensive and therefore it is worth considering third party charging modules for this purpose.

Antec, manufacturers of some of the best PC power supplies, have released a versatile notebook power adaptor, the Antec NP100, that will easily fulfill these needs to either act as replacement or additional power supply for your laptop.  The difference between this and your standard power supply is the fact that this one has interchangeable ends for charging most leading notebook brands including Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, Sony and Toshiba amongst others, making it a "universal" power adaptor (For a full list of compatible models click here).  As the voltage required for different laptops is often different, the output voltage is switchable so that voltages of 15V, 16V, 18V, 19V, 21V and 24V are all catered for.  This is essential for "universal" laptop power adaptors, as supplying the incorrect voltage to a laptop can result in severe damage to laptop components, especially if higher voltages are used than required.  The power adaptor is capable of 100W continuous power, ideal for the future or if you have a power hungry laptop model, and is capable of 84% energy efficiency, definitely something to consider as energy prices rise!

Antec NP100 1In addition, the Antec NP100 power adaptor has Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Short Current Protection (SCP), Over Current Protection (OCP) and Over Temperature Protection (OTP) to prevent any mishaps when the laptop is powered from the mains.  Also it comes with Antec's industry leading "AQ3" (Antec Quality 3 year warranty) for peace of mind, should anything go wrong with the power supply, although this is unlikely given the general standard of Antec branded components.

We tested the power adaptor with our Dell Latitude D420 laptop (after making sure we had the correct input voltage settings) and found the power supply to be just as stable as the Dell power adaptor supplied with the laptop.

The Antec NP100 power adaptor makes a really good replacement or additional laptop power adaptor, especially considering the cost of replacement via the manufacturer, which are often much more expensive. Not only that but it is more than likely going to be compatible with any new laptops you purchase in the future.

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