Gaming Mouse: SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Glossy Surface Gaming Mouse review

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Mice come in a number of price ranges varying from as low as £5 up in to the £100s, as well as in a number of designs to suit activities from general desktop use through to more specialised gaming mice. The latter spread across the price range from around £25 for a basic high sensitivity gaming mouse with basic customisation up in to the £100s for mice that offer the greatest customisation with multiple onboard profiles and the absolute best in component manufacturing. The latest gaming mouse we have to review is an entry level SteelSeries mouse, the Sensei [RAW] edition, essentially a slightly cut down version of the original SteelSeries Sensei.


  • Frames per second - 12,000
  • Counts Per Inch (CPI) - 90-5670
  • Inches Per Second - 150
  • Acceleration - 30G
  • Lift Distance - ~2 mm
  • Buttons - 8
  • Cable - 2m (Braided)


As with its predecessor, the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] is built with an all-grip design to suit both lefties and righties, though this time the finish is a high gloss which looks great (but does mean it shows fingerprints a lot!) with matt black grips. The [RAW] version also comes with a transparent base which is a cool touch that allows you to see the guts of the mouse! The mouse has 8 buttons (with high quality switches designed to resist the hardcore usage imposed by gamers!), with seven being programmable using the dedicated SteelSeries Engine software, and the possibility of saving one profile on the mouse. Illumination is slightly less flamboyant with a simple white scheme that can be either simply on (with various levels of intensity), pulsating or off if you don't fancy it! Sensitivity of the mouse can be tailored between 90 and 5670 CPI (less than the original), however all but the most dedicated gamers probably won't find this a hindrance. As with the original, the attention to detail is great, and the mouse comes with a fully braided cable to prevent kinks or damage to the cable whilst in use.

SteelSeries Engine PC

In use, once you've set your profile and any macros you want to use (which is simpler due to the cut down options), the mouse is just as good as the original providing fast and accurate responses, but without the bells and whistles that are probably more appropriate for professional gamers anyway. For the average home gamer the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] is pretty much spot on, especially given the reduced price point of the mouse.


~£50 at the time of writing (available from Amazon)


4.5/5 - At the this lower price, the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] offers a excellent proposition to the average gamer: exhibiting all of the essential features of the original Sensei, the RAW version has just as much going for it as the original.