Laptop Sleeve: Noreve Tradition Fidelis 17-inch leather sleeve review

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Fidelis tablets_leather_sleeve_15_inchesIntroduction:

We have had the opportunity to review a number of smartphone and tablet cases and we have always been very impressed with the quality, with each adding the desired level of extra protection to the devices we have reviewed, as well as an extra level of style. So when we were asked if we fancied having a look at their laptop sleeves we couldn't pass up the chance! Noreve make a number of cases under the "Fidelis" universal product range to suit laptops with screen sizes up to 17" as well as other ranges that are product specific.



- Elegant sleeve conceived in top quality handcrafted leather
- Stitching is same color as leather
- Fastens with magnets under the leather
- Slim and padded design
- Unrivalled protection for your computer or tablet
- Cutout for easy removal of device
- Document pocket on the back
- Beautiful interior lining embossed with the Noreve logo

Maximum dimensions for laptop (L x W x H): 39.3 x 26.7 x 2.50 cm or 15.47 x 10.51 x 0.98 inches


The product specifications listed above (taken from the Noreve website) really don't do justice to this lovingly crafted laptop sleeve. Various options are available with different colours and grades, however the one we were sent for review was the top of the range Onyx (Illumination leather selection) which is designed to fit up to 17" laptops. The Onyx leather finish means that this version of the Fidelis is essentially made from Patent leather giving the finished laptop sleeve a very glossy and smooth finish. The flap is secured with two strong magnets that help secure the contents and inside the sleeve is fully lined with an embossed (with the Noreve trade name) leather. On the back of the sleeve is a material lined document pocket for carrying a few sheets of paper around the you. The laptop sleeve is fairly rigid with padding all over to prevent any damage to any laptop carried inside.

We tested the laptop sleeve with the 17" Apple MacBook Pro (which we get the sneaking feeling the case is more specifically aimed towards!) and the Noreve sleeve fits the MacBook perfectly providing a safe and secure way of carrying it around. As this is a laptop sleeve there are however no pockets for power supplies (although it's unlikely you would need to carry one around too much with the battery life provided by the latest MacBooks). The document pocket really is just deep enough for a few sheets of A4 so don't expect to be able to carry A4 folders with you. However this isn't really the point of the laptop sleeves which are really only designed to protect the laptop itself and as such the Fidelis sleeve is great, with excellent build quality and very stylish design this is one sleeve you will want to keep (and indeed will probably outlast the laptop it carries!).


~£100 (directly from Noreve).


4.5/5 - As with all the Noreve gear the Noreve Tradition Fidelis 17-inch leather sleeve is of really excellent build and quality, and as ever you get what you pay for! In my mind it isn't unreasonable to pay out for something that will essentially house and protect one of the most expensive and important purchases a household will make (especially if you are buying a £1500+ 17" Apple MacBook Pro).