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k3000st_bundle_1Mobile speakers as a whole tend to lack power and seem to eat batteries, making them virtually useless for any venue further away than the back garden.  However, Powertraveller have come up with the Soundtraveller K3000ST which they think may just break the mould and dispel this stereotype (excuse the pun!).

The Soundtraveller K3000ST comes in the form of a pair of speakers built into a pocket sized enclosure (123.6 x 48.6mm x 48mm).  The enclosure feels robust but light (420g in total), being built in silver plastic with the main body covered in a rubbery style coating.  The speakers also come with an iPod dock providing a very simple way to play your music as well as a 3.5mm input for non-Apple mp3 players and mobile phones.

The speaker units themselves comprise two 34mm speakers, which although small still manage to pump out a combined power of 3.6W.  We were truly amazed by the quality of the output, which, although never going to compete with larger speakers, manages to provide a solid audio reproduction at a reasonable volume level.  Even at higher volumes, there was no sign of distortion. The K3000ST is mounted on rubber feet that minimises vibrational transfer between the unit and any surface.

Power-wise, the speakers require only two AA batteries to function, and the bundled version included a Solarmonkey solar charger capable of powering the unit even indoors where a suitable light source is present.  In addition, the unit came with a worldwide mains charger and a retractable USB cable for convenient power wherever you may be.

k3000st_bundle_2For viewing video or movies on the iPhone or iTouch systems, a tiny plastic stand is provided so that "widescreen" viewing is possible.  In order to afford some form of protection to the unit when travelling, Powertraveller even include a lightweight  protective carry case.

Although not the cheapest set of portable speakers (~£65), the Powertraveller Soundtraveller K3000ST speaker set certainly punch above their weight, and with the added functionality of the iPod dock and the ability to use a Solarmonkey (whether as part of the bundle or purchased separately) the speakers will have an appeal for travellers or just anyone who likes to share music out and about.

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