Laptop Bag: Pacsafe MeshSafe B200 Backpack with eXomesh

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Pacsafe MeshSafe B200 black silverIf you read our recent review on the Pacsafe VentureSafe 25L adventure daypack, you will know that we were really impressed with the features of the laptop backpack, both in relation to the safety minded and comfortable design.  However the one drawback of the Pacsafe VentureSafe 25L is the fact that it is only designed for carrying laptops up to 13" and this is where the Pacsafe MeshSafe B200 Backpack comes in.

The  MeshSafe B200 Backpack is capable of housing laptops with up to 15" screens and manages to incorporate the same security features of the VentureSafe as well as providing even more space for sundries and a few extra features.   The bag itself is obviously physically bigger than the VentureSafe and comes in three colours, straight black, chocolate and also a black and silver variant which we were sent (as in the photo).

Laptops are housed in the main compartment of the bag in a removable padded sleeve.  Further protection for laptops is offered by the padded back of the bag that also hides a moulded rigid sheet of high density foam.  The main compartment of the bag also has two elasticated pockets and has ample space for several A4 size folders or anything else that you may want to carry.  The front compartment of the bag extends the full length of the bag and provides a removable stationery compartment and is also split half length ways by a velcro fastened divider.  On either side of the bag are elasticated pockets for holding drinks bottles or smaller less valuable items required for a journey.

The security features of the MeshSafe B200 are, again, outstanding with the eXomesh slashguard (a stainless steel mesh integrated into the nylon material of the bag) incorporated into the main panels and shoulder straps to prevent thieves cutting the bag to gain access.  Each zip can be discretely fastened using hidden clips preventing anyone gaining access without your knowledge and a the shoulder straps are unclippable so that the bag can be fastened securely to immovable objects (seat legs etc.) whilst travelling.

As with the Pacsafe VentureSafe, this has to be one of the best laptop rucksacks that we have reviewed both in respect to manufacturing quality and security features, and all without compromise to the comfort of carriage.  If you do have a larger laptop the Pacsafe MeshSafe B200 is the prefect travel partner, and the expenditure for the bag will surely pay for itself if you intend to spend a lot of time travelling.

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