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sandberg_usb_hub_for_laptopMost laptops purchased these days are fairly light on available USB ports, especially taking into account the latest netbooks and notepads.  The majority of small laptops only generally include two USB ports which is fine if you don't use external devices, however there normally comes a time in most users lives that they need to collect more than two devices at the same time.  This is where USB hubs come in, although most USB hubs are quite bulky and therefore less attractive for carrying around.  Enter the latest product from Sandberg, the "USB Hub for Laptop".

Although the name is maybe not the catchiest you'll here, the Sandberg USB hub offers a much smaller and convenient USB hub for laptop users, expanding one USB port to three standard size ports as well as providing an additional USB mini connector.  The hub has an additional male connector (red) should a more power hungry device require the power and a small rectangular housing for the PCB with a built in LED to indicate the power and connection status.  The hub appears to be very well manufactured and robust, and well up to regular travel.

The Sandberg USB hub provides a simple solution to the limited USB connectivity of smaller netbooks and notebooks (or even desktops where ports or space are limited), reducing the need for expensive docking stations, in our tests, we happily connected a couple of 2.5" external HDDs, a memory stick and also a mobile phone (using the USB mini connector) and all performed well.  Retailing at only £11.99 (at the time of writing) it is also very good value for money especially since it comes with a 5 year warranty and Sandberg's unlimited support hotline and a multitude of support both online at the Sandberg website and also included in the manual that comes with the product.

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