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cy-3-mr_micro_red1Mini speakers are very convenient for carrying around with you, although due to the small size the sound quality tends to suffer, so although they will never impress a purist they do allow for sharing of music and listening to music in areas where large speakers aren't feasible or whilst travelling.  We have recently reviewed the Powertraveller Soundtraveller K3000ST Bundle and Linx BTUBE Bluetooth Rechargeable MP3 / iPod Speaker and we were interested to hear that Cygnett have thrown their own speaker system in to the mix.

The Cygnett Micro mini rechargeable speaker is similar in specification to the Linx BTUBE Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker offering an inbuilt Li-on battery which can be recharged via the included USB cable.  Connection to an audio device is via an included standard 3.5mm jack which is suitable for the majority of audio devices.  The speaker is capable of stereo output through it's 2 x 2W speakers.  Size-wise the unit is more akin to the Powertraveller K3000ST with a footprint of only 11cm (length) x 4.5cm (height) x 2cm (depth) meaning that it will happily fit in a pocket whilst travelling.

The overall design is very modern, with a black plastic casing and silver speaker surrounds and perforated speaker protectors.  Control wise the speaker is quite sparse with only an ON/OFF switch and the only other features are the mini-USB port for connection to a computer for charging and the 3.5mm input.

As expected the sound quality is not going to blow anyone away in comparison to larger speaker systems, however, given the size of the system it does produce a remarkably wide range through it's two speakers, even producing a small amount of bass.  When connected through our laptops the sound was perfectly acceptable although at higher volumes (controlled through the laptop) there was a certain amount of distortion to the sound, although this is likely to be device specific.

The speakers were certainly on a par with the other mini speaker system we have tested and incorporate an internal battery whilst still maintaining a tiny footprint making them ideal for traveling.  At only £20 the speakers make a suitable upgrade from most audio devices' internal speaker systems, especially for those on budget.

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Amazon: CYGNETT CYGCY3MS Micro Rechargeable Travel Speaker - Silver