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cygnett_maestro_front_classicIf you are a keen iPod or iPhone user, it can't have escaped your attention the number of speaker systems and audio systems that include iPod docking stations, and the latest addition to the Cygnet range is no different.  The Cygnett Naestro is a standalone speaker system aimed firmly at the Apple iPod and iPhone market.

The speaker system itself comes wrapped in a retro styled black box with shiny metal legs and black gloss end panels, so there is nothing elaborate about the design.  On top of the unit is the docking station with controls for volume and the power button (with a blue LED).  The inputs are housed on the back of the unit, built into one of the metal legs and allow for the use of other mp3 players or devices through a 3.5mm input (Aux In).  The deivce is powered via an included 5V supply which has swappable plugs for use in different contries (UK and EU).  Above the power and Aux ports there is also a slide switch for selecting between battery power and mains power (more about this later).

Docking of any iPod or iPhone is very simple and blanks are provided for housing most variations. The included remote control although small allows full navigation of the iPods menu system and also volume controls, although slightly dissapointingly there are no controls for the bass and treble for fine tuning.  Overall for a device of this size the audio reproduction is solid, providing a surprising amount of bass and treble.  The overall volume produced by the devices 2W satellites and 4W woofer is good enough to fill a reasonable sized room and there was no distortion that we could hear at full volume.

The speaker system will charge any iPod device attached as with most docking stations, however probably the best feature of this docking station is the ability to run it using 4 AA batteries away from a mains source.  The unit is capable of running for up to 5 hours on one set of batteries making it an ideal travel either at home and abroad.

Although a very simple device in terms of features, the Cyngett Maestro provides a solid sound reproduction whilst being effectively a portable speaker system, making it ideal for use as a dedicated speaker system for a bedroom as well as travel use.  Retailing at ~£55 (at the time of writing) it compares favourably with other "dedicated" iPod speaker systems and if the device is registered with Cygnett you get an extra years warranty on top of the standard years warranty which is definitely worthwhile.

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Amazon: CYGNETT CYGCYAIPMMaestro Speaker Dock - Black