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sandberg_usb_dvd_mini_readerWebbooks and netbooks are a cheap and easy alternative to those who just want to browse the internet, however most don't have the luxury of an optical drive (CD/DVD or Blu-Ray) and therefore installation of further software or playback of CDs or DVDs on the machines can sometimes be slightly problematic.

With this in mind Sandberg have released a slimline external CD/DVD reader which makes installatation of additional software/drivers or playback of DVDs and CDs a doddle.  Unlike a lot of external optical drives, the Sandberg USB DVD Mini Reader only requires USB 2.0 ports to function making it just as portable as the netbook itself.

The Sandberg USB DVD Mini Reader come in either black and white and the housing is manufactured in plastic.  The slimline drive housed inside is the same as that found in most larger laptops, with a simple manual mechanism.

The unit requires two USB ports for function: one for data and the other for power making the unit very portable along with a netbook, or as part of a computer engineers toolkit.  On our tests the drive was instantly recognised in all Windows operating systems and was capable of reading any disk we threw at it, whether a shop bought "pressed CD" or a home burnt disk.  Data access was fast (CDs are read at 24X and DVDs at 8X)  and in our tests with video DVDs and music CDs the playback was exemplary.

If you need to regularly access files on DVD or CD and want to extend the capability of your netbook or webbook, the Sandberg USB DVD Mini Reader provides a cheap option to do so at only £45 (at the time of writing).  As with all Sandberg products the DVD drive comes with a 5 year warranty and a dedicated support hotline.  We just wonder when the Blu-Ray and DVD-RW version will be released!

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