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sandberg_usb_to_usb_share_linkIf you have been keeping up with the various press release on the site, you would have noticed that Sandberh have released a device called the Sandberg USB to USB Share Link.  As the name suggest the device provides a simple way of communicating between two computers, without the need to fiddle with a wired or wireless network and the associated settings.

As the name suggests the Sandberg USB to USB Share Link  relies upon USB 2.0 ports to connect two computers.  The deivce itself resembles a USB memory key with two strips of blue LEDs (which indicates activity) with a metre long cable which ends in another male USB connector.  Along with the device itself comes a CD with a software called GO! Suite.

Installation is very simple, requiring the GO! Suite software to be installed on the computers to be connected and a restart  of each, before simply connecting them.  The device will work on every version of Windows from Windows XP to Windows7 and is interoperable between them, meaning that you can easily connect a PC or laptop running Windows XP to another running Windows Vista or Windows 7.  This kind of setup can often be something of a pain if doing over a standard network however when we tested the device to connect a laptop running Windows XP with a desktop running Windows 7 results were painless and fast.

The GO! Suite basically gives you a series of shortcuts for various forms of connections between computers.  "GO! Bridge" allows you to access and transfer files and folders using a very simple drag and drop interface between computers from either end of the connection.  In addition it has a special "Dock" system where files or folders to be transferred can be temporarily stored before being transferred as part of a single job (therefore reducing transfer time). "Remote Share" allows you to share the internet between the connect computers as well as any optical drives as mapped drives.  "Folder Sync" allows you to set up up a series of folder synchronisation events between local folders (on one computer) and remote folders (on the other computer).  "Outlook Sync" as the name suggests allows synchronisation of the Microsoft Outlook profiles between computers.

Surprisingly, each and every one of the Sandberg USB to USB Share Link worked flawlessly and each was very simple to use.  Transfer was fast due to the USB 2.0 standard (up tp 60MB/sec) and the ability to effectively network between versions of Windows without a problem was a real bonus.

The Sandberg USB to USB Share Link is primarily aimed at providing a simple way of getting all of your files from an old computer to a new one, however this simple little device provides a variety of simple tools that the average home user can use to backup one system to another or to allow use of two computers (home and business) without the need for continuous and tedious file transfers over a network by simply using the synchronisation features.

The device comes with a succint but helpful manual and support is also available in the form of the Sandberg dedicated hotline.  As with most Sandberg products, the unit is covered by a 5 year warranty for peace of mind.  For only ~£25 (at the time of writing) it doesn't cost much more than your average memory key.  If you need a simple synchronisation tool for two computers and don't want the hassle of setting up wireless or wired network settings than this is definitely recommended.

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