Notebook Power Adaptors: Sandberg Netbook AC Adaptor

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sandberg_netbook_ac_adaptorAlongside the latest laptop accessories released by Sandberg is the Sanberg Netbook AC Adaptor, specifically designed for the latest netbooks es either a replacement or additional AC adaptor.  As stated, this AC adaptor is not going to power high spec laptops (for which Sandberg cater with a higher power model), but is designed specifically for the low power usage netbooks and webbooks.  As such it provides a much cheaper alternative to a manufacturers original power supply and due to the versatility provided by the array of connectors included with the power supply it can be used between a number of netbooks for the rare occasions they may need a recharge.

The Sandberg Netbook AC Adaptor resembles any other power adaptor and comes with a variety of connectors for coupling with the majority of netbooks.  Amongst those compatible are Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Samsung, and Sony, with the majority of other manufacturers netbooks compatible (unless they have a particularly exotic power adaptor).  The power adaptor can cater for any netbook or webbook using 9.5, 10.5, 12, 19, or 20 volts power supplies, with a maximum output power of 40W and provides built-in overload and short circuit protection to make sure that your laptop is duly protected when connected to the mains.  As with the original power supply provided with any netbook, the Sandberg Netbook AC Adaptor can be used throughout the world, and is capable of working on input power supplies from 110V-240V.

Connection of the power supply is a doddle, and is simply a case of slecting the correct port connector for your specific netbook and plugging it in.  The unit automatically provides the correct voltage for your laptop.  The unit feels solid and well made, and all connections fit snugy into their relevant ports.  As with all Sandberg products, the power adaptor is covered by a industry leading 5 year warranty, which should give any consumer peace of mind.  Support is available through a dedicated support hotline should the need arise and in our minds at only ~£25 (at the time of writing) it provides a very cheap alternative to purchasing a new manufacturer's own model and compares very favourably to the cost of other generic power supply models available online.

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