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cybercleanThere are few products that make cleaning a fun job, but the release fo Cyber Clean may just be the dawn of a new age of fund cleaning!  Described as "The High-Tech Cleaning Compound" with a "Deep Cleaning Action" the product itself closely resembles kids crazy putty or goo type toys with a fresh scent of course.  This gives it a highly malleable texture that means it can be pressed in to difficult to reach areas to pull out dust or crumbs, and the constituents immobilised in the gel provide an anti-bacterial cleansing action to the process.

There are two variants of Cyber Clean available: one for use in the office and one for use in vehicles, although we couldn't really see why these two different types could not be used for both purposes.  The two types are a different colour (yellow and red respectively) and leave a different fragrance wherever they have been used to clean (lemon for the Cyber Clean Home and Office and fresh mint for the Cyber Clean Automotive).

Apart from the fun we had using the Cyber Clean products, we were actually pretty impressed with the results.  The gel type goo moulds well into most everyday devices (PC keyboards, switches, mobile phone keyboards) and actually works.  We were amazed to see the amount of crumbs and hairs that were removed from our laptop keyboards, and the product did a reasonable job of cleaning more sticky dirt from the keys.

The benefits of this are obviously two fold: apart from the aesthetic cleaning, the product is supposed to absorb microbes into the gel, therefore reducing the risk of any transfer of bugs from items to yourself.  This makes it ideal for mobile phones and keyboards which tend to harbour all sorts of dirt and bugs after prolonged use.  Effectively cleaning products such as these is generally very difficult and we think that Cyber Clean is probably the easiest way of doing so that we have seen.

Cyber Clean can be used many times (the number of times depends heavily on quite how dirty your kit is!), and as it comes to the end of its life the colour changes indicating that it is time for replacement.  We used one of the 145g packs to clean a cornucopia of gadgets, keyboards and other hard to clean and it was nowhere near the end of its life and we could easily see how a single pack would last a long time.  For only ~£5 (at the time of writing) Cyber Clean, in our opinion, provides excellent value for money and is a great way of making sure the gadgets you use on regular basis are clean and free from bacteria.

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