Notebook Power Adaptors: Sandberg Netbook Car Adaptor

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sandberg_netbook_car_adaptorIf you have ever fancied taking your netbook or webbook on your driving holidays or use it regularly in the car, then it might well be worth having a look at the new Sandberg Netbook Car adaptor.  Designed to fulfill the power needs of most of the latest netbooks and webbooks, the Sandberg Netbook Car adaptor, as the name suggests, is for use in the car through the standard cigarette lighter socket (DC 12V or 24V).

Similar to the Sandberg Netbook AC adaptor we recently reviewed (here) the car adaptor version is capable of providing up power to any laptop that uses 9.5, 10.5, 12, 19, or 20 volts power supplies, with a maximum output power of 40W and provides built-in overload and short circuit protection to make sure that your laptop is duly protected when connected to the car battery.  It is important to note that this power profile will not unfortunately be suitable for more power hungry laptops and notepads, although Sandberg do provide an alternative for these higher specification laptops as well.  The car adaptor is compatible with the main manufacturers (Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Samsung and Sony) and also with the majority of other brands of netbooks and webbooks.

The unit itself comes in the standard black plastic casing with a handy velcro cable tidy so you don't have cables trailing all over the car.  We found connection to a compatible netbook was really very simple and involved merely selecting the correct port connector for the netbook model and connecting this to the main unit through a small three prong adaptor.  The unit automatically selects the correct power settings and then we were up and running.

The Sandberg Netbook AC adaptor comes in at ~£30 (at the time of writing) which is massively cheaper than the majority of manufacturer specific in car adaptors.  Since the device comes with a number of interchangeable tips, the charger will be useful for more than one netbook or webbook if you upgrade or purchase more for other members of the family.  As with all Sandberg products it is covered by a 5 year warranty and free support is available through the Sandberg "unlimited hotline".  A really handy little piece of kit for taking in the car to make sure you always have charge whilst travelling.

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Amazon: Sandberg Netbook 12V Car Adapter 40W 135-64