Laptop Sleeve: Cygnett Aerosphere Laptop Sleeve

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cygnett-aerosphere-sleeve-greyIf you don't fancy shelling out for a laptop bag or want to carry your laptop around in your won choice or style of bag, then a laptop sleeve is the way forward.  The majority of laptop sleeves tend to be manufactured in a simple neoprene like material and offer limited protection to any encased laptop.  The latest laptop sleeve to be sent for review however, the Cygnett Aerosphere, has some slightly different and more safety conscious attributes.

Primarily designed for the Macbook and Macbook Pro market, the Cygnett Aerosphere is reminiscent of bubble wrap, the material we all use to protect valuable items for posting.  The 13" version we tested came in grey with orange piping around the edges (but standard all black or brown with cream piping area available).  Manufactured in a foam like material with a fleece lining the case is ideally suited to protecting the Macbook series or any equivalent screen size laptop.

The fleece lining helps to clean any shiny surfaces and prevent scratching to the casing, whilst the external "bubbly" surface helps to protect the enclosed laptop in the event of an impact (dropping etc.) or whist in carriage in another bag.  The Aerosphere is advertised as being airport security friendly as well, so presumably there is no need to remove the laptop from the case during security procedures in most instances.

The Cygnett Aerosphere retails at ~£35 (at the time of writing from the Apple Store) which in comparison to the cost of the Macbook is a small price to pay for piece of mind when it comes to protecting your investment.