iPad Tablet Case: Cygnett SecondSkin - Soft Silicon Case

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cygnett_second_skin_nano_ipad_If you have actually managed to get your hands on one of the new Apple iPad, the next priority should definitely be some form of case to protect it from damage.  In contrast to traditional tablet computers, the iPad is designed with no clear protection for the device from scratches or droppage and this is where aftermarket cases, sleeves and bags come in!

Amongst the multitude of companies releasing accessories for the Apple iPad is Cygnett, with their latest release being a Cygnett SecondSkin case: a soft silicon rubber casing designed specifically for the iPad.  The case fits snugly over the iPad without hindering access to ports or power supply points and provides a lip that protects the edges and to a lesser extent the screen side of the device.

The silicon rubber has an incredibly smooth feel that doesn't affect the satisfaction of using the iPad itself.  The back of the casing even has a slightly raised set of bulges that help raise the iPad away from any surface and also help to prevent the iPad slipping whilst in use on a flat surface.

The Cygnett SecondSkin case, in our tests, appeared to be very strong, and offers a good deal of protection to the iPad casing, although very little to the touch screen itself.  The iPad case is well designed to make sure that access to controls and ports are not hindered and very reasonably priced (~£15 at the time of writing).  We would recommend its use in conjunction with some form of screen shield and a carry case, however, to offer all-round protection.

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Amazon: Cygnett CY0039CISKI Second Skin Silicon Case with Base Support Ridges for iPad - Clear