Laptop Bags: Urbano Compact Attache

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urbano_13_inch_macbook_attache_caseAs we have made a point of saying previously, if you are going to spend a good amount of your hard earned money on a new PC laptop or Apple MacBook then it's best not to skimp on the case to protect what is a significant investment for most of us.  If you have a MacBook there are a number of options to choose from and we were very pleased to have the chance to review one of the latest laptop bags by top manufacturer Urbano.

WOW! we were truly impressed with the quality of the red leather Urbano Compact Attache (as the name suggests it is manufactured from top quality leather) that we were sent. Designed to fit 13" MacBooks, the laptop bag is clearly well made and this results in a high-end beautiful looking product with excellent detailing.  For quick meetings around town the case is ideal, being both light and stylish, this laptop case will suit anyone on the go, giving easy access to the laptop by just unzipping the extremely well padded soft-lined laptop compartment.

However, if your laptop demands are greater, requiring additional equipment larger than a USB stick, this product falls short. Disappointingly extra space within this product, beyond the laptop compartment, is not an option and the front facing "pocket for accessories" is unable to provide adequate space for anything larger than a pen drive or a couple of cables. Battery life with a MacBook being a little over 4 hours at best, a charger is critical for most people's working day which would mean an extra bag of some sort would be required for a charger.  If however you only use your MacBook sporadically through the day, then the Urbano Compact Attache will surely fit the bill in both size and style.

The Urbano Compact Attache comes in both the red (as we reviewed) as well as a black leather finish and comes in sizes to fit the 13", 15" MacBooks (including MacBook Pros) and also the MacBook Air and although designed to fit the MacBook range, they will most likely fit PC laptops with similar dimensions.  The red leather Urbano Compact Attache retails for ~£110 (at the time of writing), with the price a clear reflection of the quality of the product in our opinion.