Notebook Power Adaptors: Cooler Master Ultra Slim Notebook Adaptor (USNA) 95

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cooler_master_usna_95_2Normally, notebook or laptop power adaptors are not really the most interesting things to review being fairly brick-like in stature and simply functional.  Universal power adaptors are a useful addition to any laptops users kit, as they (as the name suggests) can power any compatible PC laptop system (most likely including any future upgrades) as a replacement or in addition to the OEM PSU (especially handy if you don't like carrying your PSU between home and work for instance).

However, the latest laptop notebook adaptor we have been sent to review breaks the mould of the traditional laptop PSU.  Slimline, lightweight and offering an additional USB port for charging of small devices at the same time as any connected laptop, the Cooler Master Ultra Slimline Notebook Adaptor (USNA) 95 can do everything other notebook adaptors but takes up a whole lot less room in your laptop bag.

There is no need to select the output voltage for your laptop: the adaptor automatically provides the correct voltage for any compatible laptop and alongside this can charge any USB devices (smartphones, Apple iPod etc.)and do so faster than connection through your laptop itself (the output 1A and therefore charging of most devices should be up to 1/3 faster).

cooler_master_usna_95The main unit measures only 10.4 x 6.2 x 1.7 cm and is far lighter than other universal or indeed OEM power packs we have reviewed or used.  The single LED glows green when in use and glows redd when an external device is charging through the USB port.  Included in the package are tips to allow charging of every mainstream laptop and notebook manufacturer and they are held in a handy preformed plastic mould so that you don't lose them.  Also included are a couple of cable clips for easy cable management and also a little cloth carry case for whn in transit.

The size of this universal notebook adaptor alone makes it an excellent purchase and with the 1A USB charge function an essential travel item for any regular travellers.