Laptop Coolers/Laptop Tray: CHOIIX Comforter Lapdesk

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choiix_comforter_lapdeskWith the ever increasing performance of today's laptops and notebooks comes the added heat generated by all of those increasingly powerful components (despite manufacturers best efforts to improve efficiency and heat dissipation). So if you really want to use your computer on your lap then it makes sense to put something between you and your laptop whether that might be a dedicated laptop cooler (see our previous reviews) or simply a laptop/notebook tray in order to make the whole experience a bit more enjoyable rather than slowly cooking your legs in the process of doing your work.

CHOIIX has recently released the Comforter Lapdesk, which as the name suggest acts as a desk to put your laptop on.  The lapdesk, being made out of plastic and foam, is incredibly light and is capable of housing up to 17" screen size laptops and measures 46 x 34 x 62 cm (approx).  The underside of the desk is padded with cloth covered foam that provides a comfortable feel (whatever the laptop size) however you are sitting, lying etc, whilst the design of the plastic desk itself helps raise the laptop at a slight angle making typing easier meaning it is equally useful when working at a desk.

choiix_comforter_lapdesk1The table "top" has rubber anti-slip props to prevent your laptop sliding around on the surface when in use and incorporates a concave groove at the back to house accessories such as a laptop charger or stationary.  The whole thing is also reversible so your notebook or laptop can easily be held on the cushioned surfaced and the concave portion used as a wrist rest if desired.

As an aid to the sofa computer user the CHOIIX Comforter Lapdesk is an ideal companion (we wrote this review whilst using the Lapdesk on a sofa!) and helps dissipate the heat away from your legs effectively with the ergonomic design allowing comfortable use in either orientation of the device in whatever sitting position.