Camera: Swann RemoteCam DVR-410 Discrete Video Surveillance Camera

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swann_remotecamWe have reviewed a number of discrete spycams by the Swann, a company who specialises in surveillance cameras, and none, in our opinion, is as discrete as the Swann RemoteCam.  The RemoteCam (DVR-410) is designed to closely resemble a car keyfob and does a great job.

With a number of feasable buttons built into the casing, two of which function to operate the device (the power and record buttons) as well as a key fob so it can be attached to a set of keys, it really does look natural in your hands when you are trying to take videos or images unnoticed.  The only outwardly noticeable feature is the mini USB port and MicroSD slot which are required for connection to a PC and for image and video storage respectively. The package we received for review included a 2GB MicroSD card that neatly pushes into the relevant MicroSD slot and effectively hids it from view by fitting flush with the main casing.  In case of problems the device also has a small reset button that can be set using the point of a thin implement (paper clip etc.).

In order to use the device, it must be charged using the included USB to mini USB cable through an available USB port on a PC or wall USB socket for between 3 and 4 hours, suring which a small orange LED flashed on the top of the unit, once charged the device is ready to go for up to 60 minutes of video recording at a time, before the next charge is required.

The device is incredibly simple to use, one push of the power button and the device is turned on (indicated by the tiny LED built into the top of the casing) and one brief push of the record button for a photo or one long push of the record button for a video and you are away.  The RemoteCam even has an auto shutdown feature after 35 secs of inactivity to reserve battery power.

During testing the device gave passable photos (don't expect SLR quality!), certainly of high enough quality for the average surveillance opportunity to be able to identify faces etc, and the video again was certainly of reasonable quality.  The overall quality of both photos and video can be equated to a mid range camera phones abilities which from such a small device is commendable.

Priced at around the ~£50 mark (at the time of writing) this is possibly the best of the discrete surveillance cameras we have had the opportunity to review from Swann and this design would in our opinion reamin unnoticed to even the most observant subject.