Laptop Bag:STM Bags Jacket laptop sleeve

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stm_jacket_black_and_greenWe have reviewed various types of laptop bag and cover, most of which fall into either a full blown laptop bag or a form of laptop sleeve, with not a lot in between should you want a slimline laptop protector with a few pockets for a couple of accessories (such as mobile phones, power supplies or stationery).

The new STM Jacket may just fit this niche, acting as both a slimline sleeve, but with a grab handle and shoulder strap for carrying and also several pockets with enough room to house any smaller items you want to take around with you.  This means it is slimline and small enough to fit in any average backpack or messenger bag whilst on the move, depending on the size you get (it is available in sizes from extra small to large to suit laptops with screensizes from 10-17" respectively, with the extra small suitable for use with the Apple iPad). It also comes in a variety of business like colour schemes to suit most tastes.

The version of the STM Bags Jacket that we reviewed was the small size which is suitable for 13" screen size laptops and ours had a grey colour scheme with green detailing (logo and stitching). It is clear on close inspection that the stitching is of high quality, as is the material it holds together that gives the impression of strength and durability (heavy grade weaved nylon).

The inside of the bag is lined with a soft microfibre-like material that protects any laptop housed in the pocket froms scratches whilst in carriage. The shoulder strap has strong secure clips and the strap itself is made out of strong nylon webbing, although there was no cushioned area to help spread the weight of the strap across the shoulder when carrying.

Other than the main laptop compartment the Jacket also has a slip pocket on the rear for carrying a small sheaf of documents and the are two pockets on the front.  The larger of the front pockets is zipped and large enough to hold a laptop power supply and the smaller is microfibre lined and therefore suitable to hold a smartphone or mp3 player whilst on the move.

Searching around, the STM Bags Jacket is available for around £25 (at the time of writing), from a variety of outlets, and given the quality and useability this is a pretty fair price for something that offers better protection and storage than an average laptop sleeve yet is lighter and more discrete than most laptop messenger bags and backpacks.