Laptop Bag: Brenthaven Elite Flap-Over

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brenthaven_elite_flap_over_grey-orange_mainIf you need a laptop bag that is smart enough for work but contempory enough to suit any environment, Brenthaven have released a new messenger style laptop bag, the Elite Flap-Over. Priced at £49.95 (at the time of writing directly from Brenthaven) it won't blow the budget in these hard financial times.

The Brenthaven Elite Flap-Over comes in three different finsihes to suit most tastes: Grey with orange lining (the bag we were sent to review), black with a green interior and brown with a pink interior and all colour schemes come in either 15" or 13" sizes to suit most common laptop sizes.

Manufacturer from a weatherproof external shell the Elite Flap-Over is ideal for any weather conditions but has a soft finish exterior.  The laptop compartment has a high density foam protection system and a soft quilted cotton twill liner to provide excellent protection for any enclosed laptop from both knocks and scratches.  The flap that covers the laptop compartement is held securely by two magnetic catche,s or alternatively can be tucked behind an expandable front packet (if you like taking so many accessories around with you that the magentic catches won't reach!) which is certainly large enough to encompass a charger and other smaller handheld devices (~20cm x 30cm).

brenthaven_elite_flap_over_grey-orange_openOn the back of the bag is a further velcro fastened pocket that runs the length of the bag, which is large enough to accomodate a slimline A4 folder.  This pocket also has a zipped accessory pocket (large enough to hold stationary etc.) and a soft lined phone pocket, which is large enough to house even the largest smartphone on the market.

For carriage the Brenthaven Elite Flap-Over has a heavy duty nylon handle and also an adjustabe shoulder strap, which slightly disappointingly has no padding to help cushion the load.

The bag is obviously manufactured to high standards and the stitching is perfect throughout.  Brenthaven obviously have no doubts it should last a lifetime as well, as it comes with a lifetime warranty.  The overall pricing, quality and guarantee place it in a similar price bracket to the Krusell Radical Messenger bag, which in our opinion lacks many of the features of the Elite Flap-Ove,r and we certainly highly recommend the Brenthaven laptop bag to those who want a bag for their prize possession.