Bluetooth Accessories: BlueNEXT Super Mini Bluetooth Dongle

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BlueNEXT Super Mini Bluetooth Dongle The BlueNEXT Super Mini Bluetooth Dongle is possibly the smallest bluetooth dongle currently available and is an excellent way of extending the connectivity of your desktop or laptop system, where bluetooth is rarely available as standard.

The small footprint of the bluetooth adapter (1.9cm including the USB connector) makes it ideal for laptop/notebook use, where cumbersome peripherals are normally avoided, expecially when travelling.

The bluetooth dongle connects to any standard USB port and installation is very simple with the included CD, which provides drivers, management software and a deatiled setup guide.  BlueNEXT also provides support through their website.

The bluetooth dongle worked flawlessly for us and provided a much easier way of synchronising data between our mobile phones and laptops and for attaching external bluetooth peripherals (headsets, keyboards etc.).

With the price of the BlueNEXT Super Mini Bluetooth Dongle below £10 it makes a very good option for all of your bluetooth needs.

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Amazon: BlueNext Super Mini Bluetooth USB Adapter Dongle