Gaming Mouse: CM Storm Spawn

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cm_storm_spawnIf you play a lot of games on your PC (glad you haven't gone to the consoles yet!) especially online games, chances are you are probably in need of a dedicated gaming mouse to push up those stats online.  In contrast to standard desktop mice, gaming mice tend to offer faster and more accurate responses to your movements as well as tunable sensitivity to make mouse movements more responsive.  In addition many include programmable buttons (macro enabled) to make certain action sequences easier to perfom whilst in game.

The latest release from CM Storm (a Cooler Master brand) is the CM Stom Spawn, a gaming mouse designed for those gamers that utilise a claw-like grip for holding their mouse. The body of the mouse is finished in a metallic red with "CM Storm" and "Spawn" decals with the main buttons and grip finished in matt black.  The grips on either edge of the mouse for your thumb and little finger are designed from a non-slip rubbery material ensuring there is no slippage during fast mouse movement, whilst the main buttons are finished in a soft feel, smooth material that ensures that excessive clicking does not create friction when in use.  According to CM Storm, the Spawn has Omron micro switches that provide an extended life-span (up to 5 million clicks).

The mouse has the usual scroll wheel, left and right mouse buttons, as well as forward and back buttons. Two buttons located immediately behind the scroll wheel control on-the-fly sensitivity (DPI) switching which has three modes (800, 1800 and 3600 DPI respectively), from snail to cheetah pace depending on the specific requirements of the game. Using the included software allows users to customise the button bindings as well as assigning custom macros to the seven buttons which are stored onboard the mouse via the Sentinel-X microprocessor allowing the mouse to be used for gaming on multiple machines.

cm_storm_spawn_sideThe scroll wheel (called the "Ultra-Step Wheel Encoder" by CM Storm) has significant graduations during it's rotation making movement more precise and quicker, and the in-built anti-drift control sensor apparently helps improve the precision and accuracy of the mouse. The selectable angle snapping feature aims to automatically smooth the curvature of mouse movement therefore improving accuracy when under pressure (FPS reaction shots etc): brilliant if your not great under pressure yourself!

In practice the CM Spawn gaming mouse can easily be used in either a claw-like or palm grip comfortably.  The mouse felt slightly lightweight and small for our big hands, although any mouse choice is bound to be partly subjective and the overall build quality is excellent.  Movement felt smooth and fluid, with buttons very reactive and the extra features of the mouse enhanced gameplay in our opinion making the CM Spawn a good choice for those gamers that employ a claw grip whilst gaming.  At a price of £29.95 (at the time of writing) the CM Storm Spawn mouse offers reasonable value for money in comparison to equivalent gaming mice vailable on the market.