Laptop Accessories: Krusell Radical Messenger Bag

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Krusell Radical Messenger Stripe BagIf you spend a lot of time carrying your laptop/notepad computer with you, between work and home, or just between meetings, the choice of laptop bag is very important.

The Krusell Radical Messenger Bag is a very stylish laptop bag manufactured to very high standards from terylene, and is designed to accomodate all laptops up to 15.4" screen sizes.  In order to fit larger, more bulky, laptops the bag has a zipped bellow which can be released to provide more room inside the laptop compartment.  Besides the well padded laptop compartment there are five other compartments Krusell Radical Street Messenger Bagof differing sizes, including a zipped fron pocket for pens and smaller items, covering most peoples needs.

The bag is held shut with hidden magnets, which allows quick and easy access to the contents, without the hassle of lots of zips or clips.  The only drawback is that when the bag is full, the flaps tend to open of their own accord.

The shoulder strap is very well padded to help easily spread the weight of the laptop bag across the shoulder and minimise fatigue.  In our experience, this is one of the most important factors, especially when laptop bags are used for extended business travel.  The back of the bag also has a travel flap for Krusell Radical Wave Messenger Bagsliding on to the handle of a suitcase when travelling.  The travel flap can be closed when not travelling by use of a zip.

We think that the Krusell Radical Messenger Bag is an great laptop bag for use when travelling or just thoughout your typical day.  As with all Krusell products, the laptop bag also comes with an industry leading lifetime warranty.

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