Laptop Bage: STM Vertical Messenger Bag

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stm_verticalThe brand STM has become synonymous with good quality laptop bags, which offer excellent protection for any encased laptop as well as  stylish designs.  The STM Vertical hich we obtained for review is no different.  Available in black, mushroom (beige) or sage (light green), the STM Vertical turns the standard messenger bag style literally on it's side, hence the name!

The STM Vertical is manufactured from high quality, waterproof material (ripstop nylon) which give the bag a lightweight but durable feel.  The bag sports a central compartment for housing laptops (the medium size we reviewed could house laptops up to 15", whereas the small version can house notebooks with up to 13" screensizes), accessible via a velcro secured flap, which is lined with a foam backed supersoft cord material which really helps cushion any cocooned laptop from damage. Outside this is a soft lined tablet pocket that could easily accomodate anything up to iPad size, and a zipped wide opening stationery pocket with internal elasticated pockets which are large enough to accomodate larger such as power supplies, battery backup devices etc. On the front of the stationery pocket is a further zipped pocket for small devices. All of these are covered by a large velcro secured flap that has one last zipped pocket.  Finally, on the back of the bag is an open access document pocket for A4 sheets or a slim folder.

vertical_sageThe handle and shoulder strap (which is removable if desired) are manufactured from heavy duty webbing and the shoulder strap has removable high density foam padding to spread the weight when on the move.  All of the stitching is of high quality (we couldn't find any loose threads) and the laptop bag feels like it will last.  The fact that the laptop is orientated differently to standard laptop messenger bags makes it feel a bit less bulky when in use, it didn't seem to catch on doors etc. when we tested it out, something that we have fiund with the standard messenger bags we have tested (although we could just be clumsy!).

With enough storage to take a laptop, tablet and any number of accessories with you, whilst still providing excellent protection for your laptop the STM Vertical adds a real twist to the messenger-style laptop bage design.  Pricewise it comes in at ~£34 (at the time of writing) which makes it well worth a look if you like the messenger style laptop bags and are in the market.