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Antec NoteBook Cooler FrontHaving now clocked up many hours of laptop use the one drawback of laptops and notepads is the heat that they generate.  As laptop and notebook computers get smaller and more powerful the heat generated by their internal components increases, in general, proportionally.  This means that if you spend a lot of time using your laptop on your lap, it tends to start heating up your legs, not really that comfortable for prolonged amounts of time.

Antec have provided a solution for this problem in order to provide hours of cool lap based computing.  The Antec Notebook Cooler is a slim active cooling platform not dissimilar to the Antec Veris A/V Cooler that we previously reviewed.

Antec Laptop Cooler USB Cable Enclosure.jpgThe top of the Notebook cooler is designed from perforated aluminium which allows for good heat transfer away from the laptop, and the rest of the casing from shiny black plastic.

Mounted in the underneath of the casing are two double ball-bearing fans which when active produce a background noise level of a maximum of only 25.9 dB.  There are two fan settings, low and high, which allow for the cooling of both small and large laptops effectively by sucking the air from the laptop and blowing it directly out of the back of the cooler.  Since the power required to run the fans is low, the device is run from USB with a pass-through connector included.  The USB cable is even housed within the cooler.  These factors make the Antec Notebook Cooler very portable and ideal for travel as well as office and home use.

Antec NoteBook Cooler dockedWe mounted one of the office laptops (Dell Latitude D420) which has dimensions of 294 x 210 x 25mm (slightly smaller than the Antec Notebook Cooler).  From past experience, presumably due to the compact nature of the laptop, we knew that it ran hot and has caused many a hot knee experience!

Over the course of our tests the Antec Notebook Cooler not only protected our knees adequately, but also reduced the temperature of the laptop enough to stop the internal fans kicking in, no small feat when you consider the size of the laptop.

Bearing in mind the relatively low cost of the Antec Notebook Cooler, we would definitely recommend it for those people that do a lot of work with their laptop or notebook computers in their laps, especially where the computer runs at an uncomfortable temperature.

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