Audio: Computer Gear USB Sound Adaptor

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Computer Gear Sound AdaptorIf you have ever been in the situation where you need to reach around to the back of your desktop case every time you want to unplug your speakers and plug in your headphones or microphone you will know what a pain it is to have to do this every time you want a bit of privacy or give a bit of peace to other office users.  Computer Gear have come up with the best solution for this problem, the USB Sound Adaptor "Plug & Play Sound".  This USB device simply plugs into a free USB port, either through a hub or directly to a front port on the case, thereby removing the need to move the dekstop case around every time you want to use Skype or listen to music privately.

The unit, is well manufactured from in black plastic and has a 3.5mm jack socket for headphones or speakers with a dedicated volume control and an additional 3.5mm jack socket for attachment of a microphone with an illuminated mute button (Red when muted, blue when on).  It has an inbuilt sound card which can actually enhance the audio experience in comparison to some on-board sound cards commonly found on motherboards.

In every machine we tested the USB device installed flawlessly, and worked immediately with both XP and Vista machines.  We found it provided a much simpler interface when using VOIP facilities such as Skype and Messenger, due to the integrated volume and mute controls.

The inbuilt sound card gives a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz which means coupled with a decent set of headphones (we tested it with a set of Goldring GX200 headphones) you get a good reproduction of music and voice.  In our test we found that it was best to turn the microphone port off, using the mute button, when not in use to avoid background, but apart from that the device works very well.

The Computer Gear USB Sound Adaptor provides a simple and accessible way to attach and control external audio devices such as headphones, speakers and microphones to laptops or desktops with inaccessible or hard to reach audio ports.  The sound reproduction is good and the volume controls are well implemented to make the use of the device simple.