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Goldring GX200 HeadphonesWhen listening to music on the move, it is important to obtain a good quality set of headphones or earphones in order to maximise the audio quality. After the choice of which portable entertainment system to buy, the choice of headphones to purchase is a close second and ultimately can define your enjoyment of your new sound system.

For handheld audio systems (Ipods etc.) the most portable and discrete option is in-ear headphones and they come in a wide variety of quality and prices.

The Goldring GX200 are mid-range priced headphones with excellent sound quality for the price.  The headphones come packaged with silicon canal tips and also equivalent memory foam earbuds (both of which are secured to the earphones using the comply screw locking sytem) and a leather carry case.

In testing, we found the Goldring GX200 gave excellent music reproduction, with nice deep, punchy bass base clear vocals.  The mid-range of the headphones is again good. Both sets of earbuds provide excellent noise cancellation, with the comply memory phone earbuds providing the best background noise reduction.

The earphones are nice and light (16g) and can be worn in one of three ways: necklace style, symmetric and asymmetric depending on your favourite, and the cable to the 3.5mm jack is 1 meter long meaning that you won't be constantly pulling the earphones free of your audio device.

For the price these headphones punch well above their weight, giving excellent quality music on the move with a relatively low price tag (~£50).  Definitely recommended for audio devices of all sizes.

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