Notebook Stand/Cooler : Cooler Master NotePal U Stand

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Cooler Master NotePal U StandIntroduction:

Working for hours with your laptop literally on your lap really doesn't offer the best viewing angle or the best care for your laptop in terms of cooling. At the least a laptop cooler of some kind should be used, not only to protect the laptop, but certainly to offer protection to yourself. The majority of notebook trays and coolers are simple trays with fixed cooling systems that don't offer much beyond lap protection and a more optimal cooling setup, but the new Cooler Master NotePal U Stand offers itself as both a cooling pad/tray and a laptop stand to optimise viewing of the laptop screen when in use on a stable surface.


  • Available Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum, Plastics, Rubber
  • Weight:1.25 kg / 2.75 lbs
  • Dimension (W/H/D): 400 x 310 x 55.5~167 mm
  • Fan Dimension (W/H/D): 100 x 100 x 15 mm fan x2
  • Fan Speed: 1200 R.P.M.±15%
  • Fan Speed Control: Single speed
  • Fan Airflow: 70 CFM
  • Fan Noise Level (dB-A): 21 dBA
  • Power: USB 5V DC
  • USB Port: USB 2.0/1.1 x3 Mini-USB x1 (For Power Input)
  • Current consumption: 0.36 A
  • Power consumption: 1.8 W
  • Compatibility: Supports up to 17" laptops
  • UPC Code: 884102012136
  • EAN Code: 4719512031919
  • 5 height settings for an ideal viewing and typing angle
  • 2 removable 100mm silent fans with great cooling performance
  • 3 port USB HUB expands available connections for devices
  • Elegant brushed aluminum pad
  • Supports up to 17" laptops


The NotePal U Stand provides five possible height settings and can accomodate laptops up to 17". The stand has a perforated black aluminium metal tray that is held in place by a black metal bar that slots into the frame and allows for the simple height adjustment. Setup is easy, requiring the power lead for the fans to be connected via a simple two pin port on the frame, and the fans to be clipped in to place on the underside of the perforated tray section. The fans can be placed anywhere within the perforated region (although they have to be out of the way of the base when folded down) and can be unclipped and moved as required. The fans are powered via a USB cable that connects through a panel on the stand to any free USB port and provide an excellent airflow over the base of the installed laptop. The panel also acts as a USB hub providing three further USB ports that can also be provided extra power for more power hungry USB accessories (using an optional 5V supply).

In use, the stand provides a far better viewing angle for extended periods and with the five height settings it is easy to find one optimal for any given purpose (typing, ebook reading etc.). Two little padded fold out clips hold the laptop in place whilst in use. The unit is very well built and feels solid whilst typing, and the fans are very quiet whilst in use and can be turned on and off (indicated by aa small LED) as required using a small push button on the main connection panel. The ability to position the fans for a specific laptop means that cooling can be better directed at high temperature components such as the battery or hard drive.


£34 (at the time of writing)


4.5/5 - If you spend a great deal of time writing at a desk, the Cooler Master NotePal U Stand offers an excellent way of optimising your workspace and viewing angle in order to improve your experience, In addition the excellent cooling solution helps keep your laptop or notebook cool however hard you work!