Wireless Networking: Belkin G Router and Wireless G USB Adapter

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belkin_g_router_and_wireless_g_usb_adapterConnecting to the internet need not be a hassle any more with the plethora of wireless network adaptors and routers available on the market, and there are prices to suit every pocket.  The latest edition to our reviews is an entry level kit from Belkin, including a basic specification G cable router and a wireless G USB dongle.

The router can support up to four directly wired (10/100) RJ45 connections and 32 wireless users and supports WPA and the standard WEP security protocols. Installation is a breeze either using the included Belkin wizard software that is included (which follows a step by step process to configure your connection) or through the browser based management panel. As with other Belkin routers we have reviewed the setup really is very simple using either interface, and the control panel provides enough information for tweaking of the settings by anyone with a basic knowledge of networking.

The USB dongle has an operating range of up to 100m, although this will obviously be dependent on the location of the dongle in relation to the router.  Again, an easy to use wizard installs the drivers on the host computer and allows a very simple setup procedure.

Specification wise, the router and dongle pair are not going to wow a tech head, however for the average user that doesn't use their connection for gaming or extensive amounts of file sharing and just wants an easy to use router and dongle for getting online this package is more than suitable.  With the simple interface and setup procedure almost anyone should be able to get online in minutes.

NOTE: If you are an ADSL user you will need a ADSL modem/router not a cable router such as this.

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