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Akasa TIM cleanIf you spend a lot of time fiddling with your computer, upgrading or modifying components, it is more thena likely that you are going to take the heat sink off the CPU on numerous occasions as you upgrade, renew the thermal paste etc.  This can prove tricky, especially considering how sticky most TIMs are after constant heating and cooling cycles on top of your CPU.  Using a piece of hard plastic often works well, but requires a certain amount of elbow grease and polishing afterwards to fully remove every little bit of TIM before reapplication.

Having encountered this problem many times before (due to reviewing various differerent TIMs in our test rig) and decided to give the Akasa Thermal Interface Cleaning Fluid a go, just to see if it really made much difference.  Akasa Thermal Interface Cleaning Fluid is a CPU and heatsink cleaner that purportedly removes thermal pads and silver based thermal grease.  The fluid is citrus based solvent (lemony fresh) and is safe to use.

We tested the cleaning fluid with a variety of TIMs including Noctua's NT-H1 and Artic Silver 5, and the Akasa Thermal Interface Cleaning Fluid worked very well to dissolve and aid removal of these TIMs, although there was a slight lingering smell of lemon!  The whole process only takes minutes and I have to say a lot more enjoyable than scraping away at the upper surface of the CPU.

If you intend to upgrade on a regular basis, this may well be worth a puchase, in order to prevent etching the top of your CPU's surface.

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