Modular PSU: Fractal Design Newton R3 600W Modular PC Power Supply review

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Fractal Design Newton R3 600WIntroduction:

A PC is only as good as the sum of its parts, and normally one of most overlooked components of a system build is the power supply (PSU), something we noted in a previous article (here). It is essential that you choose in a PSU that will efficiently meet your system's power requirements, and additionally one that will provide consistent and stable outputs. With 80 Plus certification, the latest Fractal Design PSUs in the Newton R3 range offer exactly what system builders require efficiency, stability and usefully a modular approach to cabling.


  • 80PLUS® Platinum
  • Single, powerful 12V rail
  • SLI (800W and up) and CrossFireX Certified
  • Long-life ball-bearing fan
  • Modular cables
  • Japanese capacitors
  • Semi-passive fan


If you have read our latest case review (here), you will have heard the name of the Fractal Design Newton R3 already, as Fractal Design kindly provided us with a sample of the 600W version for review. The Newton R3 comes beautifully packaged inside what can only be described as a presentation pack, with the PSU housed in a cloth bag, and the modular cables provided in a custom made toolbag that provides labeled pockets for each of the cables.

Installation is as normal, using four screws to hold it in position in your case. Where the benefits of the modular design comes in handy, is when you start connecting up the PSU to the motherboard, graphics card (GPU) and any installed hard drives. As standard the PSU comes pre-wired with the motherboard connectors, and GPU connectors, with everything else ready to be installed when required. Each of the additional cables connects to the PSU through a six-pin connector, with enough length to connect up devices in any size case.

We ran the PSU, as usual, using OCCT to monitor performance under stress testing conditions and the unit performed well, with minimal fluctuation leading us to have no issue at all in recommending this power supply for system builds, escpecially given the 5 year warranty offered!


~£100 available from Amazon Newton R3 Power Supply


4.5/5 - As with our recent review of the impressive Fractal Design R4, their take on power supplies also surpasses expectations, with excellent build quality and reasonable pricing, the Newton R3 offers an excellent power supply for any system builder wanting a powerful and stable system.