Thermal Interface Material: GELID GC-1

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With the influx of new thermal interface materials (TIMs) to the market in the last few years Arctic Silver's hold over this market has been challenged repeatedly by some excellent products.  The newest contender to the top spot when it comes to CPU heat dispersal is GELID and with the GC-1 compound they may just have won it.

gelid_gc-1_boxPreviously our favourite compound has been the Noctua NT-H1 which gave comparable results to Arctic Silver 5 with excellent long-term stability and no burn-in time - essential for those eager to overclock their machine straight away.

The GELID GC-1 TIM compound is non-corrosive, non-bleeding and apparently non-curing which means that there is no need to replace the compound in the short term.  In fact GELID indicate that the GC-1 compound offers "consistent performance over 10 years" - impressive to say the least!  The compound comes in the standard syringe with a generous net content of 5g (normally TIMs such as Artic Silver 5 come in 4g syringes) and an applicator/spreader.

gelid_gc-1We compared the GELID GC-1 compound with the Noctua NT-H1 using the class leading Noctua NH12-UP CPU fan which has consistently given us idle temperatures of 19C and load temperatures of 42C using OCCT to fully load the processor.  Comparative results using the GELID GC-1 compund in place of the Noctua NT-H1 compound under the same test conditions amazed us, the idle temperature was still consistent at 29C, but under full load the temperature only reached 39C, 3C lower than our favourite, the Noctua NT-H1, meaning that there was only a 10C temperature change between idle and full load which takes us one step closer to the results seen with water cooling.

Following the test results and performance, the GELID GC-1 TIM goes to the top of our recommended TIM list, especially given that you are supplied with 5g (as opposed to 4g), an applicator, and the price is still lower than comparable TIMs currently available on the market.  The only slight downside at the moment is the availability on the UK market, however the GELID GC-1 thermal compound will soon be available at Scan (UK).