Case Fans: GELID Silent 12 PWM

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gelid_silent_12_pwmArguably the best way to control case fans and therefore cooling is through Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), whereby the fan speeds are controlled on-board when fans are connected via a spare motherboard fan header.  This effectively means that fan speed is directly related to the CPU temperature which means that fan usage (and therefore noise) can be optimised and minimised by idling the fan down to match required cooling.

GELID have released a new PWM case fan as part of their Silent range, and like the GELID Silent 8 TC fan we recently reviewed the specs are impressive.  The GELID SIlent 12 PWM fan is capable of a maximum airflow of 59 CFM at high speed, which equates to a maximum acoustical noise of 25.5 dBA (again very quiet).  At this speed, the fan can also create a static pressure of 1.6 mmAq, making the fan suitable for reservoir or CPU cooling applications.  Again the fan implements the "Hydro Dynamic" bearing and the fan is attached in a similar fashion to other GELID fans:  So as to reduce vibration transferring from the fan to the PC case, the fan is mounted using provided silicon fan mounts.

gelid_silent_12_pwm_openAs with the GELID WING 12 UV Blue, we tested the GELID SIlent 12 PWM fan against an Antec 120mm Tri-Cool fan and a Noctua NF-P12 fan and we found the results were similar.  The GELID fan proved much quieter than the Antec fan at all fan speeds whilst creating less acoustical noise and equivalent airflow.  The GELID fan also compared favourably to the Noctua NF-P12 fan albeit we found it ever so slightly more audible at higher speeds.

With these results in mind the GELID SIlent 12 PWM fan can be commended on several fronts:  Not only is the fan quiet and have excellent specifications, it also comes with a 5 year guarantee and all for a price far less than its nearest rivals currently available on the market.