Case Fans: Nexus Waveair (PCI Slot Cooler)

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waveair_boxIf you demand a bit more from your PC, maybe overclocking or just intensively loading the system, it invariably causes a lot of heat build up within the case.  Elevated temperatures can in turn cause system instability if sufficient cooling is not employed.  If you have a larger case and spare fan mouting points then installing extra fans isn't really a problem, however if you have a small form factor case or there are no options for installing further fans then there really are few options to play with.

This is where the Nexus Waveair comes in: an externally mounted fan that can act as either an intake or exhaust fan.  The novel design allows the fan to be mounted in a spare PCI slot with air flow channeled through the slot by the plastic air guide and airflow produced by the included 80mm fan.  The overall dimensions of the Waveair are 8.9 cm x 8.9 cm x 9.8 cm tapering from the width of the fan down to the size of the PCI slot, and it will therefore obviously protrude significantly from the rear of any case it is installed in.

waveair3The included 80mm Real Silent Nexus fan specifications are fairly standard with a maximum airflow of 20.2 CFM at 1500 rpm, howver at this speed the fan only produces a noise level of 17.6 dBA, which will be virtually inaudible alongside other installed fans.  Certainly it was quieter than the Antec TriCool fans installed in our test rig.

The Waveair can be connected via the standard 4-pin molex or alternatively via a spare fan header on the motherboard allowing for better control of the fan speeds by the system, further reducing noise levels due to the fact that the fan will only be in use when required.

Depending on the orientation of the fan during setup, the Waveair, as already stated, can be used either as an intake or exhaust fan allowing for a greater flexibility in its use.  It has obvious functionality as a dedicated VGA cooler if setup in a spare PCI slot next to the VGA card.

The Nexus Waveair provides a excellent way of providing extra cooling to smaller systems where installing extra fans is difficult, or for specific cooling of installed VGA or PCI cards.  The Nexus Waveair additionally comes with an excellent 3 year warranty for piece of mind.