LCD TVs/Monitors: HANNspree HT11 19” HD Ready TV

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HANNSpree_HT11_SMBy now most people have considered or purchased buying an LCD TV for their living room, but with the cost of smaller HD Ready TVs coming down, there is a real incentive to replace the older TVs scattered around the house.

The HANNspree HT11 screen, marketed specifically at the "second TV" market, may be the one to fit the bill. The HT11 is a 19" HD Ready screen (1280 x 1024 resolution) in 5:4 format, with twin TV tuners (analogue and digital with teletext) and a 170º viewing angle.  It has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time (useful for sport or gaming) and brightness of 300cd/m².  Connections include HDMI, VGA, Scart, coaxial aerial, AV/Component and a headphone socket.

The HANNspree HT11 has a nice clean design with a black gloss bezel and a 3W stereo speaker built in at the base of the screen.  The speakers are not going to blow you away (being only 3W), however they are suitable for standard viewing. If you are likely to be using the screen for gaming or films, we would probably recommend using a good set of headphones or a separate speaker system.

The built-in freeview and analogue tuners were very good and we got a strong signal through both on our domestic aerial. The overall performance of the LCD was very good, with reasonable black and white levels despite the relatively low contrast ratio.  Visual quality from high defintion input was impressive giving good detail and motion handling.  The only slight problem we did encounter while viewing was a halo effect around brightly coloured objects, although this could be improved greatly by changing the colour scheme.

All input sockets are located on the rear of the unit and connecting wires is slightly difficult due to the proximity of the screen casing.  If inputs with large amounts of plastic moulding were used, we found that there was little room for manoeuvre, but once in, the built-in cable-tidy proved very handy.

We were pretty surprised that the HT11 was not a widescreen LCD, especially considering the trend by manufacturers to move away from 5:4 format. However the 5:4 ratio does benefit you if you want to use the screen as a computer monitor, which is where widescreen LCD TVs of a similar screen size often fail, especially when using desktop publishing software, where viewing of full pages is often suboptimal.  Additionally this format reduces the overall footprint of the television, reducing its impact in all ready cluttered areas, if you don't want to use the VESA mounts to attach it to the wall.

Lastly the handset made the LCD TV very easy to use, with well labelled buttons for all aspects including menu navigation and teletext.  The menus employed for setup are also easy to follow and intuitive meaning we had everything working within minutes, including freeview.

All in all, you get a lot for your money, with inbuilt analogue and freeview, and inputs to cater for everything from Blu-ray players to PCs.  The only thing it lacks is a built-in DVD player.  Given the price it provides reasonable image and sound quality and compares favourably to similar products on the market.

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