HDMI Switches: Sandberg HDMI Switch

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sandberg_hdmi_splitterIf you have older plasma or LCD TVs with only one or two HDMI inputs it's likely that you are eventually going to run out of free HDMI slots for new additions to your home cinema system.  Since continuously swapping HDMI cables in and out of ports is not really an option as reaching behing most TV setups is difficult if not dangerous, the other option is purchasing an HDMI switch.

Most HDMI switches on the market are either manual switches requiring manipulation to alternate between sources or automatic switches that can automatically switch between HDMI inputs based on signal (however our experience of these types seem to be a bit hit and miss and generally some factor of manual switching is eventually required).

Sandberg have recently released a three-way HDMI switch that allows the sharing of a single HDMI port by three devices.  The switch itself is only 16 cm (W) x 8 cm (D) x 2cm (H) meaning it won't impact greatly on the overall aesthetics of your home system, epecially with the black/silver colour scheme.

The great thing about the Sandberg HDMI switch is the fact that HDMI sources can be controlled via the remote control which allows easy and instant switching between HDMI sources (The only slight problem might be the size of the remote which is roughly the size of a credit card and therefore could easily slip down the side of the couch!).  We rigourously tested the switch rapidly switching between inputs and is performed perfectly in each case.

The Sandberg HDMI splitter specifications are as follows:

HDMI version 1.3
HDCP Compliant
Single link range: 1080P / 1920 x 1200
Video amplifier bandwidth: 1.65 GHz
Vertical frequency range: 60 Hz
3 x HDMI input connectors: Type A 19-pin
1 x HDMI output connector: Type A 19-pin
1 x IR eye
Power consumption: 15 watts (max.)
Power supply: 5V DC

and the package also includes an HDM cable for connection to the TV.

The Sandberg HDMI splitter is available for ~£50 from Amazon and considering the specifications, the inclusive five year warranty and free helpline, the unit is an excellent choice for anyone needing more HDMI inputs.