TV accessories: Spudz HD Ultra micro fibre cleaning cloth

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HDblack_in-out copyOwners of LCDs and especially Plasma monitors and TVs will appreciate how quickly they become covered in dust even in apparently relatively dust free environments.  It is definitely not recommended to clean screens with polish, and standard cloths aren't really up to the job of cleaning away dust efficiently from the screen.  Most larger TVs and monitors are packaged with microfibre cloths of some sort to remedy this problem, however they are normally not much bigger than the cloths that you get with spectacles, and as such quickly become dirty quickly when cleaning larger screens.

Microfibre cloths that are up to the job can obviously be bought and work well, however none that we have seen are so innovatively packaged as the Spudz HD Ultra micro fibre cleaning cloth.  Instead of just the standard microfibre cloth to store somewhere near the TV, the Spudz HD Ultra micro fibre cleaning cloth comes attached to and stored within a durable black neoprene style case that has a self adhesive hook for mounting it on the back of the TV.  This great in my opinion as it means that you don't have to go searching out the microfibre cloth every time you want to clean the screen.

The other important thing is that the cloth does actually clean the screen well.  In our tests it really shifted the dust from the screen, rather than just moving it around the screen as we have seen with standard cloths.  After use it just rolls up and packs away within the case to be stored on the back of the TV again, ready for the next use.  If it gets really dirty it can just be washed in a mild detergent and used again.

The cloth is 12” x 12” ( 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm) in dimensions and the edges of the cloth are finely stitched so that you can get into the deepest recesses of the edge of the screen and around any buttons on the bezel of the screen.  We found it a lot easier and more efficient at cleaning our Samsung Plasma TV than the relatively tiny microfibre cloth included with the TV set and it did an equivalent job in  a much shorter time frame.

If, like us, you find yourself regularly cleaning your monitor or TV the Spudz HD Ultra micro fibre cleaning cloth provides an excellent weapon against the build up of dust and it is relatively expensive at £12.99 , but given the overall quality and the fact that it can be used over and over we can happily recommend it as a way to maintain your screen in excellent condition.

Available from JP Distribution (Tel. 01782 753304)