TV accessories: Sandberg HDMI Video Cable

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sandberg_hdmi_cableWhen considering A/V purchases, the TV, audio equipment, Blu-Ray player etc. generally completely eclipse the humble cabling solution and this is where problems can often lie with signal and picture quality.  It typically makes sense to consider carefully the cabling used to connect components of an A/V system, as the output will only be as good as the cabling that carries the information from the source.  Although this consideration may not be as important for digital signals as it is for analogue signals, the importance of a good quality cable even for digital signals should still be understood.  With shorter lengths of HDMI cabling the quality of cabling is less important, as signal loss is less obvious. However with longer cable lengths cheap HDMI cables, comprising poor components, can perform badly.

The latest product to be released by Sandberg is their HDMI video cable, a low to mid priced cable which comes in a series of lengths from 1 metre, up to 5 metres.  The cable comprises a ferrite core which is double noise shielded and the cable has gold plated male to male 19-pin plugs.  Since the digital signal is not effectively compromised by interference from other equipment, the shielding although not essential may help protect any analogue cabling from interference caused by the cable itself.  Due to the quality of the cable, it should also last significantly longer than other cheaper cables that may not have had the same care in their manufacturing.

We were impressed with the overall quality of the cable itself which is nylon braided and feels strong and the plugs felt securely fixed to the cable.  The picture quality was excellent as expected for the 1 metre version of the HDMI cable that we tested and we would have no hesitation in recommending it for use in any system.

Sandberg obviously believe that the cable will last and offer a lifetime warranty to cover the cable alongside a free dedicated telephone support line should it be needed, far more than other cable manufacturers.  The 2 metre version (allowing a bit more flexibility with the cable run) is currently available from Amazon (UK) for ~£30.