Presentation/Powerpoint Tools: Mediavatar Presentation Toolkit Ultimate review

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PresentationBox 3D CMYK LeftIntroduction:

If you spend a lot of your time presenting you are more than likely a Microsoft Powerpoint user, and as such you will recognise the difficulties of presenting in this format between different operating systems (Mac OS, Windows, Linux etc.) due to the differences in the presentation between machines even using aapparently the same software. One way around this is by converting your presentation into a video format and one of the simplest ways we have found to do this is through third party applications.  Subsequent video files can then be stored and used on virtually any device (smartphone/laptop/tablet/iPod), optical media (DVD/CD), or online, making embarassing incompatibility issues very unlikely. One such software package that can do this conversion is Mediavatar Presentation Toolkit Ultimate.


PowerPoint to DVD Converter – Convert all popular PowerPoint formats to DVD discs, DVD folders and ISO image files. Add DVD menus, music and personal commentaries, and playback on DVD players or computers.

PowerPoint to Video Converter – Perfect for creating personalized video presentations. Prepare and include your own commentary in your presentation, add background music, additional text and even include a picture watermark to protect your work.

PDF to PowerPoint Converter – An easy to use PDF conversion tool to create PowerPoint presentations from PDF files. Quick, easy and accurate!


Mediavatar Presentation Toolkit Ultimate comes boxed with an installation CD and a printed sheet that descibes the installation procedure and registration process. Installation and registration is straightforward with license codes printed clearly on the back of the installation sheet. Each of the three pieces of software installs as a separate package and they work independently of each other. Each has a very simple interface which allows Powerpoint presentations (or PDFs in the case of PDF to Powerpoint Converter) to dragged and dropped into the window, and for the Powerpoint to DVD and PDF to Powerpoint converter applications multiple files can be done in batches.

Powerpoint to DVD Converter:

As the name suggests, this applicaion converts any Powerpoint presentations into video and then burns them to optical media providing a DVD menu that allow multiple presentations to be hosted on the same disc.  The whole process is very simple and the manu is fully customisable, using either a range of presets or using your own background imaging and/or music.  A watermark can be added either in text or image format to effectively protect your work from plagiarism., and the slide speed can be altered to allow for correct timing between slides. The provided templates give a professional feel to the DVD and once burnt the DVD can be used in any DVD player.

mediavatar powerpoint to DVD

Powerpoint to Video Converter:

Similarly to above, the Powerpoint to Video Converter application converts Powerpoint files to video. Here you can batch convert multiple Powerpoint files to any number of different video formats (to suit virtually any device e.g. smartphones, iPod etc.), incorporating watermarks, music, whilst maintaining control over slide transitions speed, video quality etc.  Slide transition speed can either be specified manually or taken directly from the Powerpoint presentation, and usefully all animation within the presentation is maintained during the conversion.

PDF to Powerpoint Converter:

Another batch conversion tool, the PDF to Powerpoint converter allows for the batch conversion of PDFs to Powerpoint files (great if you work in a discipline where you would like to demonstrate articles etc). Again, a simple drag and drop interface is employed that makes the process very easy to follow, once PDFs have been selected and loaded it is a simple click of the buttin and the files are done.

During our testing, both the Powerpoint to DVD converter and Powerpoint to Video converter worked seamlessly and provided a good representation of the Powerpoint presentations fed into them, maintaing animations correctl throughout - really impressive considering other software we have tested for this purpose! The PDF to Powerpoint Converter did a reasonable job of converting PDFs (we tested a series of scientific articles) however it did appear to have some problems with non-english characters and some superscript characters, although this issue will most likely be remedied in future updates.


~£50 - available from Amazon and


3.5/5 -  Although the software does for most part do an excellent job of converting Powerpoints to video, the slightly lacklustre performance when converting non-english characters was a bit of a let down. All in all though, it does the job far better than other conversion tools we have tried.