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With the majority of bank accounts, professional and other services now managed online, there is a much greater chance that you are going to have related documentation floating around on your PC.  Whilst the information is safe whilst it is in your hands, if you need to send sensitive information by email, or some other form of digital transfer, there is always a slight risk that it might be intercepted in some way (such as your email account being hacked) or that it might fall into the wrong hands in some other way.  The obvious answer to this is to password protect and encrypt sensitive information using a prearranged password so that the transfer is secure no matter the way it is transferred. Large Software have come up with a simple to use software that protects files and folders in just such instances.


  • Password Protect any Important Files or Folders
  • Drag and Drop Technology for Simple Locking Protection
  • Share/Email Locked Files
  • Simple Ease of Use
  • Compact File Size
  • Complements all Security Software


Large Software's docLock really is simple to use, providing a very simple interface with which to password protect anny file on your computer simply and efficiently.  The interface provides four very simple options: "Lock a file", "Unlock a file", "Manage Passwords" and "Secure delete a file".

Locking a file is as simple as selecting files or folders to lock and then choosing a password (using either a random one selected by the software or one you would like to use). So that you have a record of the password, it can be saved as an image and there is also the option to make it a portable locked file (allowing it to be opened on any PC not jist those with docLock installed) or a email friendly locked form (essentially a password protected zip file). Unlocking files and folders is as simple as the locking process requiring either a previously saved image, or the password if you remembered to write it down!


With the "manage password" option you can regularly change passwords on sensitive information in order to ensure ultimate security (useful if you use a shared computer or allow regular access to your PC by others) and the "Secure delete a file" function offers a quick file shredding service so that sensitive files are unrecoverable if the need arises.


£19 - available from although until the end of march Computer Takeaway readers can get 50% off using the coupon code CT50OFF


4/5 - For the peace of mind it offers for users who need to store and regularly send sensitive documents and other files, Large Software is excellent value for money.  The software is well designed, very simple to use and powerful enough to ensure that confidential information stays confidential.

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