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uniblueKeeping drivers up to date on desktop and laptop PCs is an essential job so as to keep machines running at their optimum.  New and updated drivers are designed so as to allow components to be controlled more efficiently by the computer therefore improving performance.

Traditionally updating drivers a time consuming task requiring the visiting of each component's manufacturer support page, downloading updated drivers (as and when you found out about them!) and installing them.  To combat this time consuming and tedious task, Uniblue have come up with DriverScanner.

Uniblue DriverScanner as the name suggests scans the hardware of the PC it is installed to and checks for the latest updates for each component, from USB drivers to display adaptors.  If any are available, DriverScanner downloads them from the relevant site and offers the user a simple interface to install each driver.  Potentially problematic drivers are flagged by the software and users are warned of any potential consequences of installation.


The Uniblue DriverScanner software additionally allows the backup and restoration of all drivers from the system through a simple to follow interface to help when installing a new operating system or in case of the need for reinstallation due to system failure.

We found the software very simple to use and could really see the benefits over the traditional more time consuming method of updating drivers.  On the first scan we undertook using DriverScanner seven drivers were identified as requiring updates and were subsequently downloaded for installation.  We hadn't even realised that there were updates available to our audio drivers!  Installation was as simple as a click of a button.

We would highly recommend DriverScanner for any user so as to maintain their system.  Keeping drivers updated helps relieve system resources by making sure that components run at their optimum and this software not only updates the drivers, but also provides a simple to use backup and restore facility so that drivers are always at hand and available in case of system failure.

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