Hard Disk Management: Paragon Drive Backup 9 Personal SP1

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Paragon Drive Backup 9 PersonalAs we have previously stated, keeping your computer in excellent working order is not just a case of hardware based maintenance, software based maintenance is also required.  One of the most important tasks to undertake on a regular basis is that of data backup.  There are various tools on the market for this purpose, some integrated into larger suites of software and others as standalone software.  The latest release from Paragon, "Drive Backup 9 Personal",  falls into the latter category.

Paragon Drive Backup 9 Personal is essentially the backup and restore component of the Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2009 Suite which we have previously reviewed. Each of the tasks comes with an easy to follow wizard and the built in help apllication provides clear and comprehensive information on each type of backup, restore and related tool.

The backup software supports standard drive backup either in an on demand manner or using scheduling to create regular backups of the drive in question which is probably mainly aimed at small business users.  In addition and probably of more use to the average home user the software supports the hard disk manager allows for differential backup (whereby all changed files in the last full backup are added to a single backup archive, meaning that a restore only requires the full backup and the latest differential backup archive) and incremental backup  (where only files changed since the last backup are added to new backup files, which means that a restore requires the original full backup followed by each incremental backup archive).

Restore functions are easy to follow and various options are available depending on your chosen backup method.  Possibly the most powerful option is that to restore an entire disk image including partitions, allowing recovery from virtually any failure.  The software also allow restoration of individual files or folders from archives.


Various tools for archive management and maintenance are provided.  These include the creation of a backup capsule for secure archive storage in a dedicated partition on the hard drive and also a wizard is provided for producing your own recovery media (requried if the system develops a fault which stops the maching booting to windows).  Each of these tools is supported by another tool that specifically verifies data in archives and restore disks to minimise the chance of problems with either.

Paragon Drive Backup 9 Personal provides an excellent feature-rich software package for adding backup and restore functionality to home and small business computers.  The software includes easy to use wizards and a detailed help file that should make these functions easy to use and accessibly to everyone, including inexperienced PC users.