Hard Disk Management: Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal

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pm-10_pers-enIf you have ever needed to partition a hard drive to use it for different systems (Linux, XP, or Mac OS) you will know that there is no simple to use software available within windows (Disk management as part of the Microsoft Management console is available but not very easy to use and not deisgned for use by the average user).  In order to create, merge, delete and resize partitions it is much simpler to use an external software to perform the tasks for you.  One of these is Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal which now allows full compatibility with new partitioning-technology (GPT), which is used in Windows 7/Vista, Server 2008, Mac OS X and Linux.

Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal can be run in either "Express Mode" (Wizard based) or "Full Scale" (Advanced control) and offers a plethora of functions beyond the creation, deletion, resizing and merging of disk partitions, sometimes even without the need to reboot the system.

The software provides partition copying and migration tools to alllow for easy hard drive upgrades and resizing of partitions between Mac OS X  and Windows operating systems (very useful if you use your intel based Mac as a dual boot system).  In addition, there is a simple to use backup feature to create full backups of your entire system or chosen files and a recovery CD creator for system recovery.  The Boot Management feature allows the user to optimise the boot sequence of the system or even prepare the system for a new operating system (create a new primary partition etc.).

We found each wizard very easy to follow with each step explained fully.  As with all Paragon software we have reviewed, the help file is literally bursting wth useful information, including walkthroughs of typical user scenarios.  Each feature of the software is well explained and the advanced control provides even more features to allow for everything from disk defragmenting to surface tests.  Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal really is a fully featured software and is very reasonably priced (~£22)with enough features to keep any system running smoothly.

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