Driver Management: Driver Cleaner

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driver_cleaner_step4For those of you wanting to get the best from your video card, the most important thing you can do is make sure that you are running the latest drivers. However, installing new drivers on top of old, without fully removing the existing driver set,can often result in incomplete driver installs, in turn leading to system instability and possibly start up problems. The obvious answer is to just uninstall the old drivers and install the new, but alas it isn't that simple and in many cases a several files will remain despite the 'uninstallation' being reported a success.


Enter Driver Cleaner, a small application written specifically to fully remove all traces of GPU drivers from a system, working in both Windows XP and Windows Vista. Each step of the process is easy to follow and fairly self-explanatory to those that have experience of installing video drivers.The process is fully documented and explained in the helpfile and also support is available through the Driver Cleaner website and associated forums.

The uninstallation of drivers is nice and quick (between 30 seconds to a minute) and once removed the latest driver set for installation can be easily found using the included 'Driver Version Check' utility.This helpful utility automatically searches for the latest driver and provides a download link.

Driver Cleaner is a very useful tool that provides a simple way in which to ensure that GPU drivers are installed correctly on a system and minimising the chance of system instability and/or poor graphics performance. The software itself has a strong pedigree as a freeware software and has recently turned shareware (costing $10 or ~£6)., but in our opinion it is still worth the money in order to keep gaming systems running at their optimum.

However, we would definitely recommend that anyone who wants to use the software should read the help file and tutorials before starting the process.