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pm-10_prof-enWe recently reviewed Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal edition as a competent software package for use within windows that provides a very simple interface for partitioning, merging and data backup for hard drives across multiple operating systems.  Paragon Partition Manager 10 Professional is effectively very similar to the Personal version providing a multitude of drive management tools, however there are some marked differences and enhanced capabilities that set it apart from the Personal version.

The main benefit of the Professional version comes in the form of the ability to create bootable Flash drives or optical media which provide a easy way to recover systems with crashed systems (with boot errors).  The environment that loads is similar to the standard interface seen through XP, Vista or Windows 7 and allows full access to the partitioning, backup and all important boot management settings so that systems can be recovered and important files saved.  This feature would prove invaluable to any system builder or engineer, requiring the ability to recover both operating systems and users files from crashed computers.

Of course, Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal  Personal allows the installation of more than one operating system and relevant boot options that we saw in the Personal edition.  However, in addition, the Professional (and now the Personal) version comes bundled with Paragon Virtualization Manager (PVM) 2009, a very powerful piece of software that allows the creation of an virtual clone of an existing operating system that can then be run as an application within another operating system.

For example if you were looking to upgrade to the newly available Windows 7, but didn't want to lose the functionality of your Windows XP, or Vista operating system (some applications will not be cross compatible across operating systems) you could create virtual clone of your existing operating system and run it as an application in your new Windows 7 operating system.  The same versatility can be applied in reverse: utilising PVM 2009 to create a virtual clone of a Windows 7 operating system to run as an application within your existing Windows XP install, allowing you to check hardware and software compatibility in the new operating system.  In order to run the virtual clones as applications users are required to download the freeware Microsoft Virtual PC softwares that allow the running of virtual machines (based on the images provided by PVM 2009) or the commerical VMware Workstation can be used.  Virtual machines are also an excellent way of testing any applications before installation into the parent operating system, to check for system compatibility, bugs etc.

In our opinion, the professional edition of Paragon Partition Manager 10 Professional provides a more complete and adaptable array of tools for hard drive managements and recovery, aimed more at the professional system engineer and business user than the Personal edition especially it the ability to boot in to a WinPE environment to solve boot issues.  However, the bundling of Paragon Virtualization Manager (PVM) 2009 with both versions enables users a far more controlled and fail-safe way of migrating and upgrading between operating systems that further adds to the attraction of either software package. The professional version of the software at the time of writing is only £49.99, an excellent price for such a complete set of hard drive tools.

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