Reallusion CrazyTalk 6 - Facial Animation Creator

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reallusion_crazytalk_6_proWhen reviewing any software you have to contrast the often exaggerated claims made by the publisher of the program, with what you actually find to be the case. It's quite possible to pay a fair bit out, only to be disappointed by finding that the only creative bit is what has been put into the advertising ‘hype', and the program itself falls far short of what was promised!

‘CRAZY TALK 6 PRO' published by REALLUSION, checks in at around £90 - £110.00. Describing itself as a ‘Facial Animation Creator' it lists the following facilities:-

1)' Editing and customizing emotions for your actors.'

2)' Revolutionary storytelling engine with actor animation control'.

3)' Automatic audio lip-sync from text and voice'.

4)' The fastest way to generate virtual actors for any media project'.

Well, in this case, I don't think the description does the program justice. I suppose they had to try to describe it in some way, and it's hard to do so because it offers so many different combinations and possibilities!

The program installs easily, and as you install you are offered the choice of a number of tutorial videos. These are well constructed and give a good over view of how to get effects from the beginning.

Instead of having to retrieve scattered files referring to the particular subject you are working on, CrazyTalk 6 allows you to collate all your related files into one project file automatically. This saves a lot of searching time. Good thinking!

You can import images from photos, or from CrazyTalk's Gallery. You can also use the Webcam! Once you've set up your image, or up to four images actually, you can then process each image individually. You can adjust colour, quality, area and crop sections so that you can focus on these areas for more specific definition. This last facility becomes the most necessary when you become aware of the amazing range of this software.

Using ‘Automatic Image Fitting’ the program will allow you to create an image model using four basic anchor points. It’s not complicated, just a few clicks. What is complicated is trying to give a fair description of what is possible with this programme from this point because it is so adaptable. You can take a ‘flat’ image and make it ‘3D’. Adjust it’s eyes, mouth, add teeth Then animate it, add a ‘voiceover, a music track. Or do this with several characters, cartoon or ‘real’ photographed individuals, and do the same thing with these. The result is pretty good for those who are amateurs, and the help that you get from the dialog boxes makes it possible to make ever increasing improvements!

For those who are more experienced in image animation and Real-time Puppet animation, the program will do it all for you, or let you ‘take the reins’ as much as you require. With the range of facilities offered a professional result will be obtained.

Example video (made with our own fair hands!):

Two last facets of the program to be mentioned.

1) A choice of SFX.

2) A choice of ‘Output’ settings, ie Video, Widget, Web or Youtube.

The ‘cons’ ? Not too many really. As with previous REALLUSION software, the package is very good, but you have to burrow deep into the instruction booklet to find out some rather relevant facts. On the whole these are less than usual and don’t detract from the general excellence of the program!

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